We support NDIS

If you are either self managed, NDIA managed or plan managed, you will be able to use your NDIS funding to purchase from My Creative Box. We are a registered NDIS provider and support many occupational therapists and NDIS participants to meet their client's and individuals plan goals.

Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions by emailing support@mycreativebox.com.au or calling us 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday Australian Eastern Standard Time on (03) 9078 6049

How we help acheive NDIS goals

Learning Differently

Hands on learning, stacks of fun! We make learning fun and it never stops, that's why our products provide customized and themed creative learning in one convenient box so the fun and learning never ends

Creative Experiences

Hands-on learning tailored for your child’s age and development. Designed to empower children and support gross/fine motor, sensory, cognitive, emotional development and more

Reach your Goals

All the learning and development you need, so you and your child can focus on your NDIS goals and leave all the hassles of activities, materials and educational planning to the experts


Set and forget with our prepaid subscription plans and delivery to your door, for you to complete your activities in the comfort of your own home at your own pace

What Teachers, Occupational Therapists & other professionals say

"Being an Occupational Therapist, I knew that my friend would appreciate a gift that not only is interactive but educational. Thankfully I found “My Creative Box”!! It ticks all of the boxes 🙂 I got a 3 month subscription so that the fun would continue even after her birthday was over! She loved it and my friend was very impressed!"

Stacey, NSW

Being a paediatric speech therapist I find lots of the activities perfect for language and early literacy... The themes support vocabulary development with concepts and descriptive language in every box!

Lucy, NSW

Developmentally recommended by a teacher. I am a teacher with bachelor qualifications and I recommend this subscription. It is really unique! Great for development, time saver and perfectly organised in individual sleeves! I like the variety and the different ideas.


If you are Self-Managed


Please order from the website as normal & pay upfront using our payment options at the checkout. Please include an order note at the cart page with the the NDIS participants full name and NDIS number.


Once the order is placed you will receive an order confirmation email and we will forward a copy of a tax invoice to your designated email. You can then submit your invoice/receipt to NDIA yourself.


As your payment is made upfront, we post the item to you & send you the tracking number within 2 business days.

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If NDIA or Plan Managed

In this case, the NDIA or Plan Manager pays us directly for resources


Please fill in and submit the NDIS Order form below with the required information. Choose to subscribe & save or make a one time purchase, the choice is yours


Submit your form and your plan manager's email and they will have an invoice generated and emailed. For NDIA managed participants, use the email support@mycreativebox.com.au in the Plan Manager email field


After submitting the NDIS form, an invoice will be emailed to your plan manager. For NDIA managed, we will process your request via our provider portal. As soon as payment is received, your order is shipped

If NDIA Managed

If you are NDIA Managed please fill in the form above and enter support@mycreativebox.com.au in the "Plan Managers Email" Section and follow the prompted steps. Your order will be processed for you through the portal within 1-2 business days. We will automatically use your Consumables funding if available but please leave a note if you would like us to claim from another category
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My Creative Box is proud to be a registered provider for the National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS)

Our Provider Registration Number is 4-IRUV2U7 and we are approved for the following supports:

- Assistive equipment for recreation
- Assistive products for household tasks
- Assistance products for personal care and safety
- Communication and information equipment
- Consumables

If you have any questions or concerns you are more than welcome to email us at support@mycreativebox.com.au with your questions and/or requirements and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you.

Designed by early learning experts in conjunction with a PhD qualified Scientist our boxes promote hands on fun, learning and creativity with various topics, skills and themes explored through each box.

All of our boxes in the three age ranges we cover from 2 to 10 years are designed for age appropriate development and learning with our Mini Explorers aged 2 to 4 and Little Learners aged 4 to 7 year ranges covering topics and skills aimed at developing their fine/gross motor, language, literacy, numeracy, sensory, social, emotional and cognitive thinking. Our Big Creatives range aged 8 to 10 years graduate to more complex activities underpinned by STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art and maths) concepts that builds on their learning and understanding of STEAM topics.

However, we completely understand that everyone learns and develops differently, therefore we do have a free trial product available HERE if you wanted to see how your little one went with a small sample of a particular age range OR We also have the ability to swap which age range your NDIS participant is receiving as part of their subscription at any time just reach out to us  here at support@mycreativebox.com.au or give us a call on 03 9078 6049

Complaints, compliments, and other forms of feedback provide valuable information on levels of client satisfaction and play an important role in driving improvements in the quality of our supports and services. 

At My Creative Box, we value the feedback we receive and include those giving us feedback as active participants in resolving the issues raised. We acknowledge that the supports and services provided may not always meet people’s expectations and that mistakes do happen. For this reason, we value people letting us know when this occurs so we can improve the services we offer.

If you or a NDIS Participant experience some issues in relation to our products or services please reach out to us here at support@mycreativebox.com.au or give us a call on 03 9078 6049 and we will be able to get the appropriate complaint form your way and provide as much assistance as we can. 

My Creative Box recognises that the health and safety of our staff and clients/participants is a priority and commits to preventing workplace accidents and minimising dangerous occurrences. If incidents or near misses do occur, they must be reported.

If you or a NDIS Participant experience some issues in relation to our products or services please reach out to us here at support@mycreativebox.com.au or give us a call on 03 9078 6049 and we will be able to get the appropriate incident form your way and provide as much assistance as we can. 

Each participant is safeguarded by the incident management system, ensuring that incidents are acknowledged, responded to, well-managed and learned from.