My Creative Box Sustainability Statement

My Creative Box Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Statement

We are so humbled to play a role in inspiring creative experiences with our incredible community of children and families. Our mission has always been to inspire creativity and connection between children and their families and help make learning fun with hands-on activities conveniently delivered.

As a company enabling this mission, there are many challenges that we have recognised and have been working on behind the scenes. We know how important sustainability and the environment are and love our creative community's passion and care with this purpose.

We now wish to extend on that and inspire a sustainability mindset to help children develop into creative and sustainable global citizens. 

Our creative community would have noticed sustainable product changes over recent years. These changes in our larger format creative box range continue to happen as we are committed to reducing one-time plastic use

Our future generations rely on us to treat the world with the utmost care and respect. We recognise our role in developing the next generation.

If you took a peek into our boxes from years ago, you can see the transformation we have had with an over 80% reduction in single-use plastic packaging. This is something that we are immensely proud of and will continue to improve upon.

We have also introduced a new product line - Mini Creative Box. This line is designed to go a step further, eliminate one-time plastic packaging, and adopt a more eco-friendly approach. In the Mini Creative Box, you will find items such as a wooden brushes and aluminium paint palette instead of plastic equivalents and we have introduced recyclable and sturdy glass jars for paint, among many other changes.

Whilst we continue our journey to a more sustainable future, we thought we should share our journey thus far and help our creative community understand our broader mission to inspire a sustainable future for our creative community.

Written by,

Founder of My Creative Box, Leanne, 28th July 2021