Big Creatives 8 to 10 years

Learning just got snazzier

Make learning fun again for kids aged 8-10 years with the Big Creatives Box range. This collection features exciting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) projects that inspire and challenge as well as support their development. Each box is fun and immersive - encouraging them to roll up their sleeves, start experimenting and produce unique creations they’ll want to tell their friends about. They’ll love mastering these projects with family, or on their own - the choice is theirs.

Big Creatives | 7 to 12 years

STEM Activities for Kids

STEM kits and activities feature throughout the Big Creatives range as children extend their learning into STEM. Science kits, STEM projects and more have been designed by our resident PhD qualified Scientist into each Big Creatives box theme covering interesting topics such as human anatomy, engineering, gravity and space. Cultural learning and experiences are also covered in this range through various topics including famous artists to round out their development and learning. Hands on learning, experimentation and more is packed into all of our STEM activities and with new box themes dropping every few months you can be sure that to find a diverse STEM box themes to satisfy all tastes and learning topics.