My Creative Box Gift Bundles

Stuck in a gift-giving rut? My Creative Box Bundles to the rescue

Ditch the last minute scramble for gift-buying this year and score major brownie points with our custom creative boxes, sure to impress the pants off both little and big kids - and their parents. Build your bundle with our custom bundle builder product options to bundle and save. Treat that special child in your life to the gift of creativity and learning with a unique gift experience they’ll never forget.

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Creative Kids Gifting for unique and thoughtful gifting

Kids gifting is a perennial problem we all face from time to time. The questions and hassles every parent is faced with when it comes to kids gifts and choosing the right gift including not wanting to gift the same old commercial toy as the next person, or "has the child already received this gift before?" or better yet "will my gift be seen as thoughtful and unique?" So many questions, so little answers.... until now. My Creative Box is your unique and creative kids activity box gifting experience that both children and parents will be wowed with. The educational value, uniqueness and thougtfulness included in every Creative activity box will leave parents surprised while children will receive a creative gifting experience like no other that will include not only creative hands on activities such as arts and crafts but also educational toys, games, puzzles and more. To make gifting even more convenient and easy, all boxes are safely packed in outer cartons so they arrive in perfect condition to your destination of choice, gift ready with everything you need in each box. So many age ranges and box themes to choose from with more and more range dropping every few months, the creativity and uniqueness in every Creative Box will have everyone asking you where you got your kids gift from.