Kids Yoga for Mindfulness in Isolation

Kids Yoga for Mindfulness in Isolation

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness in Isolation  

This year has definitely been a challenging one for families facing a pandemic and spending long amounts of time in isolation. Melbourne is facing it's second wave and has been placed in lock down for another 6 weeks from this week so we thought we would invite someone to talk to us about mindfulness and introducing children and families to yoga to help them learn relaxation techniques and get through this very crazy and stressful time.

Introducing the lovely Olivia Goder from OMG YOGA to teach us 5 of her  yoga poses for kids to bring some relaxation, fun and energy into your home. 

Yoga means union and that’s why it’s no surprise that yoga is more fun when doing it together!

 Well that’s what we think anyway. 

 It’s all about connection. 

Yoga can be done at any time of the day, but the mornings are our favourite time to practice. 

Kids yoga is all about bringing fun, energy, and laughter into all yoga poses. Using our imagination, it brings about creativity and helps us to be in the moment.

We have put together our five favourite poses. Please be mindful when moving the body and only do what feels right for you and your little one.  

Have fun and enjoy the warm fuzzies!

1. Mountain Pose 


Standing tall like a strong mountain. Pressing your feet in towards the earth. Take a big inhale breath through the nose and reach your arms all the way up to the sky. As you lower your arms down, take an exhale breath through the nose. 


*Repeat 5 cycles 


Benefits: Improves your posture and lengthens the spine. 

2. Ragdoll

Tuck your chin into your chest and then slowly lower the body down to the ground. Dangle your hands and let your body be floppy, let the hands touch the ground. Connect back to the breath. 

 Maybe even tickle your toes. 

Benefits: Stretches your hamstrings and quadriceps, shoulders and arms. 

3. Downward Facing Dog

Just like a puppy dog stretches in the morning. Press your hands in towards the earth and spread your fingers out as wide as you can. Bottom in the air, almost like an upside down “V” shape. 

Press in towards the souls of your feet and press the knees away from the mat.  

Your eyes are looking through your legs. Breathe in and out! Stay for the exhale breath.

Benefits: Strengthens the arms and legs and great stretch for the whole body and mind.

4. Dancers Pose 

Press your left foot into the earth and a slight bend in the left knee. Reach your left arm out in a straight line. Grab your right foot in your right hand, on the inside. And then start kicking your foot into your hand. Keep kicking back, until you have reached a comfortable height. Focus on something that is still to keep your balance and focus. 

Benefits: Stretching the front of your body, opening your chest and your shoulders. Also, a great learning experience into balancing and staying focused. And embracing the falls, that’s what life is all about. Get right back up and keep trying. 

You’ve got this!  

*Repeat on your left foot

5. Cloud Pose 

It’s time to enjoy the stillness, quietness and peace. Laying long on your mat and arms by your side, almost like we are laying on a white puffy cloud. Floating through the air. Focusing on your breath. Relaxing, your feet, hands, arms, stomach, shoulders and head. Feel yourself-melting in towards the cloud. 

Stay for 2-3 minutes if you can and before you come off your mat repeat to yourself:


I am strong

I am brave

I am loved

I can do this

We hope you have wonderful day and if you would like to participate in some free home yoga classes you can find us on the below platforms: 






Love OMG YOGA xo

Move, Breathe, Laugh 

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Olivia Goder

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