School Holiday Boredom Jar!

School Holiday Boredom Jar!

So it's school holidays again in Australia and we are really not sure where the time has gone! There are some things that we look forward to on school holidays and that is spending quality moments with our children, but school holidays can also be exhausting too! We know that we are not the only ones thinking out loud asking ourselves "School holidays, now what?". We know it doesn't take very long to hear the first "Mum, I'm bored!". We all want to be as equipped as possible to keep our kids busy, healthy and happy! Don't get us wrong, we also know that kids being bored sometimes is a good thing, as for some kids this is all they need to get their creative sparks flying, but some kids need some help to think about ideas and once they begin their creativity soars! 

Have you ever heard of a boredom jar? Don't worry your not the only one if you haven't! They are an amazing tool to have on side for those dreaded moments when your kids are driving you up the wall and demanding activities, time and attention and you just don't know what to do with them! Yes, we have been there too! We love this idea, as all the thinking comes back to whatever the child pulls out of the jar! This can be handy when your head is a little frazzled! There are so many different ways you can set up your boredom jar, but our FREE PRINTABLE and JAR STICKER is designed for the dreaded "I'm bored" moments at home. It is designed to help you connect with your children through fun activities at home while having lots of fun in the process! The best part is that you will be able to do most of them with things you already have at home which is a great idea to help your child learn to think outside the box and be imaginative and creative!


- An empty jar with a lid

- Printer

- Paper

- Pen 


- Print your FREE PRINTABLE for your boredom jar and the Boredom Jar Sticker 

- Cut out the boredom tickets

- Write some of your own ideas onto the spare tickets you have

- Fold up the boredom tickets and place them in the jar

That's it, too easy! Now you can rest assured that you are as equipped as possible to keep your kids busy these school holidays, even at the craziest times! Don't forget if you are looking for some more ideas to keep your kids busy exploring, learning and creating without the hassles of thinking about activities and shopping for the materials, you can check out our My Creative Boxes! 

Have fun connecting and creating memories with your little artists,

Leanne and Abby