Rainbow Painting!

Rainbow Painting!

Rainbow Painting!

We know how much our little artists enjoyed creating a rainbow with their coloured paints in the March Creative Box, so we thought we would show you another fun process to create a rainbow using your left over paint. 

This is a great activity to encourage life skills such as using a spoon and scooping while also strengthening fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. It also requires children to use bilateral coordination (using 2 hand together) one to hold down their paper and one to move the cardboard to smudge the paint. Children will also learn new art processes while they experiment with this activity. Can you remember the order of a rainbow?


One piece of White Cardboard

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple Paint

6 Plastic Spoons

One Rectangle piece of Cardboard (you can use your Creative Box for this)


1. Place a spoonful of each colour paint in a row at the bottom of your page.

2. Use your rectangle piece of cardboard to smudge the colours across the page to make a rainbow.

3. You should be left with a beautiful coloured rainbow!