Painting Ideas!

Painting Ideas!

We have been asked from some of our customers what they can do with their left over paints from their monthly My Creative Boxes. Here we have provided you with some fun and simple to set up painting activities that you can easily do at home using household items and your left over paints.

Scrape Painting

This activity from Happy Hooligans encourages children to look at colour blending using a fun technique and an expired card! The results are just as beautiful! Children might also enjoy adding collage materials onto their final product too.

Scrape Painting Activity for Kids

Comb Painting

Another great colour blending activity from Craftulate children will have lots of fun with while watching the different patterns and textures using their left over paints and a comb!

Foil Art

This is a great activity to do on a piece of Alfoil from Pink Striped Socks. You can use your paints, confetti and and any left over collage materials you might have from your My Creative Boxes. 

Foil Art Activity for Kids

Cardboard Roller Printing 

You could use spoonfuls of your left over paints to create one of these lovely Cardboard Roller Printings from Casamarias Blog. They look so beautiful and would be lots of fun to make!

Cardboard Roller Printing Activity for Kids

Printing with Duplo

Kids love Duplo and they love stamp painting. This is a great activity from Picklebums to look at shape, size and colour while having so much fun in the process!

Duplo Printing kids Activity

Potato Stamping 

This is another activity kids will love from Kidspot and is perfect for those dreaded 'Im Bored!' moments! All you need is potatoes and your left over paints. Such a great way to explore shapes, colours and sizes!

Potato Stamping Kids Art Activity

Shaving Cream Painting

This is such a great sensory processing activity from In Lieu of Preschool as children explore the different puffy texture of paint that is created from the shaving cream!

Shaving Cream Painting Art Activity for Kids

We hope you have lots of fun exploring, experimenting and getting CREATIVE with your left over paints!

Leanne and Abby