National Families Week- Family Time Activities to Stay Connected!

National Families Week- Family Time Activities to Stay Connected!


From May 15th - 21st it is National Families Week here in Australia.    


Families really are the backbone of our society. They are our support systems, our confidants, our biggest motivators and for us here at My Creative Box, family and community is who our business exists for.

Helping you create memories and inspire the next generation to be creative and innovative is what makes our mission purposeful. Recent years have taught us there has been no more needful time than now to stay connected and build strong family relationships. How do we do this you ask? With children it's all about routines, rituals and connecting with them at their level doing what they love. Sharing quality moments come in all shapes and sizes, from fun learning experiences to simple play to everyday activities like having dinner together as a family. Sharing those quality moments with your family and children helps nurture the connection and memories with one another. 

 To celebrate National Families week, it is important to try and find space in your days to spend one-on-one time with your little ones and family. Collett Smart, a registered psychologist, educator believes that:

 "Children will remember the overall relationship and sense of attachment they felt to you. That you spent time with them, had some fun and were there for them when they needed you” - Why spend one-on-one time with your child 

No need to worry about what you can do, and where you can fit it into your week.

We have you covered here with 10 simple yet fun family activities that will help you stay connected:    

  •  Have a Scavenger Hunt, both indoors and outdoors make for so much fun no matter the weather! 

  •  Prepare yummy picnic together and explore the outdoors. 

  •  Play a board game or build a puzzle! You can’t go wrong- they're fun and build communication skills and logical thinking without your little one even realising   

  • Make a time capsule! The kids can help decorate the box and then you can fill it with artwork, pictures, and you can even help your little one write a letter to their future self!  An old My Creative Box is the perfect size. 

  • National Families Weeks have released a whole catalogue of amazing  Printable Activities. The best part? They’re free!  Check them out and print off your favourites HERE
  • Get outside and draw and play with Chalk Games - Hopscotch, 4 square, and Chalk Mazes are a few of our favourites to create with our Chunky Egg Chalkies      

  • Make a blanket fort and have a movie night.  So much team work and communication to begin a night full of comfort and relaxation

  • Bake a cake! Fun, educational and most importantly delicious! 

  •  Read a book at bedtime! Your quality time doesn’t have to be big and elaborate, it just has to be special, and there is nothing more special than those quiet moments and snuggles before bed. 

  •  Have an Art Afternoon, get messy with clay or draw family portraits of each other. Better yet enter that family portrait into our Giveaway! The Details are below

National Families Week Giveaway 

We love connecting families through creativity and wanted to celebrate National Families Week with a special giveaway to our creative community. 

 We are giving away a 3 Month Subscription to My Creative Box in your selected age group to ignite a life-long love of learning the FUN way!


 All you need to do is send through a photo of your child's art work of their family to us via our email at or via direct message on our Instagram Social Media.

Entries close this Sunday 22nd May and winner is drawn this Monday 23rd of May 2022. Winner will be notified via an email. Australian residents only.  

We hope to see you all getting creative and having some special bonding time this National Families Week. Be sure to send us through some pictures - we would love to see what you are getting up to!

You can also find out More about National Families Week and check out their amazing additional resources and ideas HERE

Wishing you all a Happy National Families Week full of laughter, quality time, and group hugs!

 From Your Family at My Creative Box