Making Time for Quality Family Rituals

Making Time for Quality Family Rituals

As really busy Mums, we know how busy family life is and how easy it is as a family to disconnect with each other and not spend quality time together. It is something we have struggled with starting My Creative Box almost a year ago now and finding the challenging struggle of balancing work and family that so many of us face.

Family rituals are special times families share together, they help your family find their sense of belonging to each other and make you connect as one. Family rituals are great for children, who love to feel safe and secure and love familiar routines. They sound like they require lots of hard work, but really they don't, they are just small snippets of special moments you share together as a family and do regularly. 

Does the chaos sound familiar? Does the lack of time sound like something you are saying over and over again? Well, we hear you! That's why we have come up with some great ideas to help you and your family connect again and make time for your own quality family rituals.


1. Make family mealtime at least once a day

Mealtimes are a great time for families to come together, and share a meal and conversation. It's not only a great way to encourage healthy eating habits for children and learning manners, it is a great time to talk about everyones day and encourage beautiful family conversation. Here is a printable mealtime conversation starter to help you with some ideas to help you communicate and connect as a family at your next mealtime.

2. Make bedtime a loving moment 

Bed time can often be frantic at our house, trying to make sure all our kids are bathed, in their pyjamas, brushed their teeth and reading their readers. Even though they can at times be rushed, they are very predictable for our kids and our kids always know that even if we are running behind for bed time, they will still have the same bedtime routine. The best way we want to send our kids to bed is knowing they are loved and in a happy family with hugs, kisses and lots of affection. Here are 14 Happy Bedtime Rituals to help your family with ideas to create your own bedtime rituals. 

3. Get your family to work together to do house chores

One of the biggest reasons that keeps us busy as parents is trying to keep up with all of the household chores. It is very important that children learn self help skills and team work from a young age and helping with household chores from a young age helps families help each other, respect and show empathy towards one another as well as learning to work together and connect. When families help each other with the daily household chores it opens up more time to spend quality moments as a family connecting and building important family rituals. Here is a great article from listing the benefits of chores for young children as well as a list of chores children can help with by age.

4. Make one day a week a technology free family day

Living in a digital age, it is hard to put the screens down, but we are the biggest role models for our kids. Research has already told us that parents and children are spending far too much time on technology, so why not create a special day for your family when you spend no time on technology? Think about the things that make you happy as a family and help you connect. Our family loves bike rides, walks, park visits, going to the zoo, playing sports together, going on adventures in our busy city. What does your family like to do to connect? We just love these great ideas from Kidspot of Family Bonding Activities. 

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We hope that these ideas can help you and your family create time for quality family rituals.

Big Love,

Leanne xx