DIY Puppet Theatre

DIY Puppet Theatre

Have you got a leftover Creative Box to upcycle? You can make this awesome DIY Puppet Theatre that will be the perfect scene for a puppet show! Puppets are great for children to express themselves and use their imaginations and creativity. They are also great for children's literacy skills as children make up their own stories and take on different characters in play! 

Materials needed:

- Box

- Scissors

- Tape

- Paint and Paint Brush

- Paper

- Popsicle Sticks

- Collage Materials

- Glue


1. Cut off the lid of your My Creative Box with your scissors. Use your tape to stick down the sides, so you are left with a rectangle box with no loose ends.

2. Cut a long slit into the bottom of the box, so you can fit your puppet sticks through and move them backwards and forwards.

3. Encourage your child to use different coloured paints to paint the inside of the box to make the scene of their puppet show using a paint brush.

4. While it is drying, you can get started on some new puppets! Encourage your child to draw different characters, people, animals and cars. If they are younger, you can draw them for your child like I have and then cut them out so your child can decorate them with paint and their collage materials.

5. Stick a popsicle stick to each of the puppets and allow them to dry.

6. Once you Puppet Theatre and puppets are dry, it is time to start playing!

Have fun CREATING!

Leanne and Abby