Best Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Best Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make

There is nothing better than receiving a Mothers Day Gift from the special little person in your life. It is even more special when kids have made the gift themselves.

At My Creative box, we are all about creating special memories with kids and raising competent and confident learners. Some of our favourite quality family bonding moments are from doing art and craft activities, cooking with kids and playing! They are simple and fun, but make the best memories! That is why we are going to give you a list of 'The best Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make!' They will make Mothers Day for Mum or Grandma extra special this year! 

1. Mothers Day Cupcake Bouquet 

These adorable flowers will be so well received this Mothers Day. Kids love cooking and it is such a great learning experience for them! Make this Cupcake Bouquet with some mini cupcakes, liquorice, lolly pop sticks and lollies! 

Mothers Day Cupcake Bouquet Mothers Day Gift Kids Can Make

2. Mothers Day Paper Mache Bowl 

Every Mum needs extra storage! How beautiful are these bowls! They could have so many useful purposes and be the central art piece to your home! Best of all they are a gift kids can make themselves!

Mothers Day Paper Mache Bowl Kids Can Make

3. Mothers Day Tissue Paper Vase

So our May Creative Box had the most gorgeous Patty Pan Flower Bouquet in it to make for Mothers Day! This Tissue Paper Vase Activity kids can make would be the perfect place to put your lovely Patty Case Flowers! 

Mothers Day Tissue Paper Vase Kids Can Make

4. Mothers Day Colourful Bookmark

Reading is one of the best times to bond with your child. There is nothing better than a snuggle and a story! Brighten up Mothers Day with these very cute, easy to make bookmarks!

Mothers Day Colourful Bookmark Activity for Kids

5. Mothers Day Fizzy Scented Bath Bombs

The perfect gift for Mum, some relaxing time in a hot bath! It will leave Mum or Grandma Smelling amazing! The kiddies will also enjoy making them!

Mothers Day Fizzy Scented Bath Bombs for Kids to Make

6. Mothers Day Thumb Print Flower Pot

This is such a cute idea! These little flower pots will have your special little persons finger prints on them for years to come! while even maybe growing something pretty in it too! 

Mothers Day Thumb Print Flower Pot Kids Activity

7. White Chocolate and Macadamia Rocky Road Kids can Cook for Mum

Does your Mum or Grandma have a sweet tooth? This would be such a yummy gift to give wrapped in cellophane with a pretty ribbon this Mothers Day! Kids can make this with little assistance, just try not to eat it all before its ready! 

White Chocolate and Macadamia Rocky Road Kids can Cook

8. Mothers Day Rainbow Flowers

This science orientated kids activity will have the kids amazed while learning about absorption and colours! 

Mothers Day Rainbow Flowers Kids Activity

Another great way to get your little ones making some handmade goodies for you, or Grandma this Mothers Day is to get someone to buy them our May Creative Box, which has three Mothers Day inspired learning art activities in it, as well as a Bonus 'Why I Love My Mum' page with a Rainbow Pencil and LOTS more! You can still get yours before Mothers Day, but they are almost all gone!

We hope you all have a fabulous Mothers Day! 




Leanne and Abby