Snowflake Tape Resistance Activity

Snowflake Tape Resistance Activity

Have fun using your sponge roller brush from your June Creative Box completing this fun Snowflake Tape Resistance Activity. Your child will be able to revisit their learning about Snowflakes and the season Winter as they create their very own Snowflakes and a Winter sky! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram in your creations @my_creative_box


- Sponge roller brush (from the June Creative Box)

- Cardboard or paper

- Paint (left over blue paint and glitter from the June Creative Box)

- Masking tape


1. Cut pieces of masking tape and encourage your child to stick them onto their paper to form a snowflake. My two year old loved pasting down her own tape!

2. Encourage your child to paint over their Snowflakes and make a Winter sky using their paints and sponge roller. Ask them 'What would a winter sky look like?'

kids painting roller brush activity

3. Sprinkle with any left over glitter!

kids painting activity roller brush

4. When your child has finished their painting, you can take off the masking tape strips, very carefully! It looks amazing! 

roller painting kids art activity