Kids Water Science Digital Learning Pack

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We have some STEM learning coming your way!! We have created a digital learning pack for our big creatives 7-12 year olds to extend on all of their learning from the Big Creatives Water Science Creative Box!


 This product will be available for you to download and print after your purchase.


Items Included

The Water Cycle Create your very own water cycle learning about the water process including evaporation, condensation and precipitation

Float or Sink Experiment A fun hands-on science experiment to encourage children to test the density of items and predicting what will sink and what will float.

- Water Volume This is a great activity that helps children learn about the metric volume of water and liquids

- Water Capacity A fun science experiment to test how much water different Australian coins can hold

Water Use A creative template to encourage children to think about all of the ways they use water in their home

Daily Water Use This is a printable for children to document how many times they use water throughout the day

Product Information

- Our Digital Learning Packs are designed to keep little hands and minds busy with little assistance while working on fine motor development as well as early literacy and numeracy skills

- Please note, this is a digital download and not a physical product. This product will be available for you to download and print after your purchase.

- If there is font options available, We have used fonts for each seperate state in Australia and New Zealand so please ensure you select your correct state at checkout. 

Subscriber Perks

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