Famous Artists Mini Creative Kit

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Inspire the kids to get creative with our Famous Artists Mini Creative Kit!

Inspiring creativity in kids is all in a day's work with My Creative Box and this time you can explore the world and culture of famous artists such as Frida Kahlo and Claude Monet and create your very own replica masterpieces! From Australia's favourite and highest rated kids gift and subscription box destination, My Creative Box has so much creative inspiration contained in the Famous Artists Mini Creative Kit that will have the kids creating a Frida Kahlo Self Portrait, Claude Monet Waterlillies tape resist art and a Matisse Paper Collage.
Our Big Creatives range is suited for children 8 to 10 years but we can see parents getting a little excited about this box as they learn the culture, era and art styles of some of the world's most famous artists!

Activities Included

- Frida Kahlo Self Portrait

- Waterlillies by Claude Monet

- Matisse Paper Collage

- Also included is a Digital Learning Pack designed for 4 to 12 year olds! This is FREE for our subscribers only and can be purchased for $7.95 for one-time customers

Shipping Information

- Ages 3+, warning small parts may present choking hazard 

- Free Shipping on Orders over $100 Australia Wide

- Australia national flat rate postage is $6.95 for one mini kit or buy a double box and save on shipping with $9.95 flat rate shipping. 

- We offer $12.95 flat rate express shipping VIC wide and $15.95 express shipping across the rest of Australia wideClick here for international shipping. 

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Q. What is the difference between the Mini Creative Kits and larger box?

A. The Mini Creative Kits contain up to 3 activity kits while the larger box contains up to 6 activity kits, and comes with some additional content in the creative instruction guides. Both are popular choices for gifting and cater to different price points to ensure everyone can access the creativity in our boxes.

Q. What makes the Mini Creative Kits more sustainable?

A. The Mini Creative Kits comes with a significant reduction in one time plastic use including glass jars substituting plastic paint tubes, aluminium tins substituting plastic glue tubes, aluminium paint palette and wooden brushes substituting plastic equivalents.

Q. Are My Creative Box Gift Bundles a subscription purchase?

A. No, Our Mini Creative Kits are shipped all at once as a one time purchase and are not subscription based.

Q. What is the recommended age?

A. Small parts, choking hazard, 3+ years. Parental guidance and supervision is suggested.

Benefits of My Creative Box

My Creative Box offers a comprehensive solution for busy parents seeking engaging and educational activities for their children. Each box includes everything needed for hands-on, age-appropriate activities designed by experts in education, science, and therapy. With Parenting Prompts included, parents can easily extend the learning experience. These activities not only foster creativity and curiosity but also support the development of various skills including sensory processing, motor skills, language development, mathematics, literacy, art, STEAM, social-emotional skills, and cognitive skills. It's a fun bonding experience that seamlessly integrates learning into playtime, making it enjoyable for both children and parents alike.