Valentines Day Love Heart Card

Valentines Day Love Heart Card

Valentines Day Love Heart Card!

This is such a cute card to make for someone special this Valentines Day. It requires some folding, drawing and cutting, so some adult assistance might be required. It is a really fun Valentines Day art and craft activity for little ones and they can be creative when decorating the front. If you don't have many collage materials at home, your child might like to draw a picture on the front instead.


1 Red Piece of Paper

1 Pencil



Red, Pink and White Collage Materials 

Coloured Pencils


1. Fold your piece of paper in half.

2. Draw a love heart on the front of your piece of paper.

3. Cut out your love heart avoiding cutting the fold too much, so you can still unfold your card, like the photo.


 4. Cover the front heart of your card with glue and decorate it with different collage materials. If you don't have glue and collage materials, you can draw a picture instead.

Have fun! We hope your special Valentine loves it!

Leanne and Abby