Reindeer Pops

Reindeer Pops

These cute Reindeer Pops are so easy to make  and also a great small gift idea for childcare, kinder and school friends. Best of all, there is NO baking!

Ingredients (Recipe makes 24 Reindeer Pops)

24 Oreo Biscuits

24 Popsicle Sticks

400g Milk Chocolate melts

I bag of Mini M&M'S (you only need the red ones)

I bag of pretzels, cut each one on half for antlers

candy eyes (or make you own with black and white fondant)


1. Break Oreo biscuits in half so the cream filling is exposed

2. Melt the chocolate melts, then spread the chocolate onto the Oreo biscuits so you can add the popsicle stick to the middle and squeeze both halves together.

3. Dip the Oreo Pop into the melted chocolate and use a knife to spread the chocolate around to ensure the whole biscuit is covered in chocolate.

4. Decorate your Reindeer Pop with 2 pretzel halves for antlers, 2 eyes and one red Mini M&M for the nose.

5. When the chocolate is set, you can wrap the Reindeer Pops in clear cellophane with a nice ribbon and tag to make a very cute and simple gift!

We hope you enjoy making these!

Leanne and Abby