Homemade Paints to make for your kids!

Homemade Paints to make for your kids!

The learning benefits for children who participate in art activities such as painting are endless and it is such a simple activity to set up and prepare! 

While child is painting, they are gaining

  • Fine motor skill development
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Skills to express themselves through art 
  • Cognitive processes as they experiment with colours and textures
  • Maths skills as they learn about shape, size and patterns and making comparisions
  • Language skills as they describe their artwork and the process to create it

Regular art experiences such as painting most importantly allow children to explore their natural curiosity of the world around them. When children engage in these positive learning experiences they form confidence in themselves and their abilities as they are free to be creative and use their imagination! Most importantly art gives families opportunities to bond and share special moments together strengthening family communication, positive experiences and support for children's learning! 

If you are waiting for some fun and engaging art activities to do with your child while you are waiting for your next My Creative Box delivery, try some of these great Homemade Paints to make for your kids below! 

Homemade Finger Paint 


This great recipe can be made with simple household ingredients and best of all, you don't have to worry about young toddlers taste testing this recipe as it is completely safe!

Homemade Flour Paint


This is one of my favourite go to paint recipes as it is very easy to make when we have run out of paint, which can be often! It is so simple to mix up and you will have everything you need at home!

Watercolour Paints with 5 Kitchen Ingredients


Children will love painting with this easy to glide Watercolour Paint! They will also love seeing the effect the vinegar has when it touches the baking soda! 

Homemade Puff Paint


If you are looking for a different textured painting experience for your child then this is the perfect recipe! This recipe is made with shaving cream and a few other household materials. It is thick and and gooey and lots of fun! 

We have attached a FREE PRINTABLE Colour Mixing Chart for you to print off to help your child learn their primary and secondary colours and have some fun experimenting with their paints and colour mixing! If you have leftover coloured dye from your My Creative Box they are perfect for experimenting with making colours with all of the above Homemade Paint Recipes! 

We hope you all have lots of fun CREATING and making special memories!

Leanne and Abby